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General information

Dear Sir or Madam,

You will find below some general information and how we can work together, individually or in workshops.

If these modalities do not correspond to your research, do not hesitate to ask the admin team by mail dehaasrobin(at)gmail.com or by the form of this page, we can establish proposals to measure for all that is event, institutions, artist tour etc.

With warm messages, for Robin De Haas, the admin Team.

For individual appointments, here are the different possibilities:

Appointments are 60 or 90 minutes long. The price for 90 minutes is 1.5x the hourly rate. | Prices in Swiss Francs CHF
– Cancellation conditions, see below.

Rapid care

  • 400/hr, booking time 1-4 weeks
  • Recommended for people who have close deadlines or issues requiring rapid management.

Voice consulting
(company managers, public speakers)

  • 350/hr, booking time 2-6 weeks
  • 400/hr, 1-4 weeks lead time
  • Junior consultant trained in voice leadership and supervised by Robin for follow-up: 220.00/hr, 2-8 weeks.
  • Corporate Voice Consulting: we design a plan together for your management team.
  • Recommended for business managers, public speakers, actors/singers on tour, voice or music professionals with close deadlines or people suffering from pathologies or difficulties requiring a close follow-up in time.

    Close care in time

    • 250/hr, booking time 1-6 months

    Isolated delegated consultation

    • 120/hr, booking time 1-3 weeks
    • Recommended for people with respiratory or vocal difficulties or for voice or music professionals, athletes or for people wishing to discover this approach to voice and/or breath.
    • The class is taught by a practitioner trained by Robin. Robin receives a session report and guides the practitioner.

        Delegated consultation
        course pack.

        • 550.- for 5 x 60 minutes of classes.
        • 1’000.- for 10 x 60 minutes of class.
        • 825.- for 5 x 90 minutes of class.
        • 1’500.- for 10 x 90 minutes of class.
        • Recommended for people who want to work on their voice or breath on a regular basis.
        • The class is taught by a practitioner trained by Robin. Robin receives a session report and guides the practitioner.
        • At the end of these sessions, a consultation with Robin and the practitioner is scheduled for follow-up at a special rate of 200.- CHF

          5 days workshops

          • Open to all.
          • Twice a year in Switzerland
          • 880.- CHF
          • The dates of the courses are available on the MDH website

          Cancellation and refund policy for workshops

          • Deposit: The deposit paid will be refunded or rescheduled to subsequent dates according to your choice up to 2 months before the first day of the workshop in case of cancellation communicated in writing. Beyond that, the money is lost.
          • Balance: the balance paid will be refunded or postponed to the next dates according to your choice until 1 month before the first day of the course in case of cancellation communicated in writing. Beyond that, the money is lost.
          • Amount : CHF 880.- | Deposit : 380.- | Balance 500.-

          Conditions of the appointments

          • Validation: Once the dates are proposed, your written confirmation is necessary to validate them.
          • Displacement or cancellation of the consultation: Appointments cannot be cancelled, but can be moved with 48 hours notice even in case of illness (except on Mondays and Tuesdays, when 72 hours notice is required before the start of the course, as the office is closed on weekends).
          • Payment: The consultation is to be paid at the time of booking, upon receipt of the pre-booking confirmation using the attached bank details.

            Access and parking

            • Robin De Haas welcomes you at Rue du Valentin 64, 1004 Lausanne. 5th floor (easy access by ramp and elevator).
            • Metro/bus: M2 stop Riponne/ BUS: 1 stop: Druey Collège
              Parking: Parking du Valentin, in the grand montée du Valentin under the grand tour du Valentin. Public parking.
            • The digi-code will be given to you at the end of the appointment.

            You have the possibility to answer directly to the e-mail you received
            or use the form below.

              Robin des Voix – The Movie 

              A film by Frédéric Gonseth and Catherine Azad

              Summary of the film

              In Moudon, Switzerland, Robin De Haas’ mother tells us that to cover her baby’s incessant screams, she massaged him in the Indian “Shantala” fashion of the time and played Juliette Gréco’s song “Mon fils, chante!” over and over.

              Premonition? Subliminal message? In any case, today, Robin is moved: “In fact, she was telling me in her own way, ok you were born with a problem, well do something about it my boy…”

              Mission accomplished: sometimes life works out without consulting anyone.

              We follow the story of Robin who was born in a small village in the Broye vaudoise with a mouth without a palate. No longer motivated or strong enough to endure the mockery, humiliation, beatings, and extreme violence that other children subjected him to on a daily basis because of his disability, Robin went to the barn with the idea of ending it all. He is not 8 years old.

              Thirty years later, Robin De Haas is recognized for his discoveries on the breath and the voice. Incidentally, he is also a professional singer…

              Split between Switzerland, the United States and England, he was overwhelmed by the influx of requests. He decided to train professionals who, in turn, would be able to transmit this natural, innovative, non-violent method, in phase with current philosophies of better living…